12 Delicious Foods And Snacks To Give Your Foodie Son A Midnight Birthday Suprise

Midnight birthday surprises are the best ones; thus, if you are also planning to give your foodie son a midnight birthday surprise, then you have reached the right place. The article brings you some mouthwatering foods and snacks that will delight your son’s craving. So, just plunge and choose one or more to give a whole midnight birthday surprise.

1] Pizza

Pizzaz are all-time favourites of kids, and there’s no better way to surprise your son with a box of pizza slices. The melting cheesing and savoury toppings will make sure to satiate his midnight craving. You can order one or make one yourself with all his favourite toppings.

2] Enticing Chocolate Fondue

The combination of classy, decadent chocolate and strawberries, bananas and marshmallows creates an irresistible delight. This will give your son a sweet experience of heaven with its mouthwatering taste. Besides, fondue sets are easily available, so there’s no hassle preparing it at midnight.

3] Scrumptious Cakes

Cakes can be irresistible midnight treats, and if it’s a birthday, then nothing can be better than it. He will be really surprised to see you holding a mouthwatering cake in front of his room. Thus, when ordering a cake for kids birthday online, look for your son’s favourite toppings, flavours, and ingredients to make it a perfect confectionery for the special moment.

4] Movie Theater Popcorn

Make your son’s birthday a movie night, get some flavoured, caramel-coated popcorn, and both of you can enjoy a movie together. This gesture of yours will be truly appreciated by him. On the other hand, the crunchy popcorn and sweetness of caramel will surely tantalise his taste buds, making the midnight surprise memorable.

5] Ice Cream

Ice creams are the true craving of midnights. A bowl full of scoops of different flavours will be a wholesome treat. Try adding some chocolate syrup, dry fruits, and condensed milk on the top, and just wait to see his expression as he tastes the ice cream. He will be delighted every time he takes a spoon of ice cream in his mouth.

6] Delightful Donuts

Doughnuts are another delicious treat you can choose to wish your son a zesty birthday at midnight. These will make sure to melt in his mouth like ice in the sun, leaving a hypnotising flavour behind. You can choose a variety of flavours, from classic cheeses glazed to chocolate-filled. Moreover, serving them with hot coffee or milk will truly make your boy drool.

7] Nachos And Mayo

The crunchiness of nachos and the sweetness and subtle flavours of mayo are a perfect combination to surprise your son at midnight. It will be a flavorful treat for him that he will remember on his every birthday. Moreover, in addition to mayo, you can also prepare guacamole with fresh avocado to complement the taste of nachos.

8] Mini Desserts Platter

A mini dessert will turn your midnight birthday surprise into a cherishable moment for your son. Different mini desserts can give him a wide option of treats, which he really loves. Moreover, to compliment the platter, opt for midnight cake delivery in Vizag, Visakhapatnam or a nearby city and surprise your son with a combination of cake and desserts.

9] Gourmet Chocolates

Gourmet chocolate can not only make the midnight surprise special but will be a perfect gesture to express your affection and admiration for your son. The rich sweetness will make sure to satisfy his sweet tooth, while the smoothness and richness will perfectly balance his midnight craving.

10] Sandwiches And Fries

Sandwiches and fries will be great to give your son a wholesome midnight birthday surprise. You can choose his favourite fillings for the sandwich. On the other hand, fry some crunchy fries to compliment the sandwiches. Both of you can enjoy the combination and have a great time together on his birthday.

11] Smoothies And Shakes

In addition to all the foods and snacks, smoothies and shakes are perfect to wrap up. Choose his favourite flavours and ingredients to make the drink’s birthday special for him. Moreover, you can add some scoops of ice cream or pieces of chocolate on the top to make the shakes even more amazing.

12] Burgers

Burgers are hunger killers, so, no doubt, it will be a fully packed treat for a surprise for your son at midnight. Make sure to include his favourite ingredients if making it yourself. In case you order them, try getting the burger customised, especially for your son’s birthday.

Take Aways

Hopefully, you must have decided which food or snack will be the most devouring one to give your son a midnight birthday surprise. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and start planning and preparing to satisfy his midnight cravings on his special day.