11 Must-Have Workout Supplies to Help You Exercise in College

College life is arguably the best time to start working out. At this stage of your life, you’re not a kid anymore; plus, you’re super energetic. If you want to stay strong and look good in your clothes at the same time, now is the time to start exercising.

Motivated enough? Let’s talk about the top 11 must-have supplies you need to have to start working out during your college days.

The top 11 must-have gym products

The following gym products will help you take the initial steps to start working out, keep you motivated, and assist you when you’re exercising.

Let’s dive in.

1. Home gym equipment

Let’s get this out of the way first. If you don’t want to head to a public gym due to COVID-19, get some used gym equipment so you can exercise at home without spending too much money. By that, I don’t mean you need to purchase all the advanced machinery; only get the basic stuff like dumbbells, a workout bench, and a workout mat.

2. A breathable mask

If you choose the other option and decide to go to a public gym instead, you will need a breathable face mask. That’s because you will breathe heavily during workouts, and regular masks won’t work for you and you may feel congested. Get a mask that’s specifically built for the gym.

3. Workout gloves

While you’re hitting the iron at the gym, your hands may get calluses. While professional trainers and gym freaks wear their calluses with pride, you’re not one of them. You just want to be fit — that’s why you don’t want your hands to wear and tear. Get a pair of workout gloves to keep them away.

4. Running shorts

Running is one of the best exercises you can ever do. It helps you build stamina and boost your overall strength while making sure you don’t develop unnecessary fat. Get a batch of running shorts that are comfortable and good-looking at the same time.

5. Running shoes

Pair your running shorts with running shoes as they go hand in hand. Get a pair of shoes that are lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear while running. While you can also order them online, I recommend going to a physical store and try out different pairs before picking one.

6. A shaker

A shaker, also simply known as a gym bottle, is another one of the essentials you absolutely need. You can either use it for water or a protein shake. It depends on whether you take your shake at the gym or after coming home.

7. Protein shake

When you’re working out hard, your regular diet won’t be able to fulfill your protein needs. That’s why you’d need to get a whey protein box to fulfill your energy needs. Research the best options on the internet and pick the one that fits your budget.

8. Battle rope

I bet you’ve seen movie heroes working out with a pair of ropes in movies. It looks intimidating, right? Well, the exercise is very good for your overall sturdiness. It helps you build a solid upper body and boost your core strength. What’s more? You can set up a battle rope in your backyard! Go get one.

9. A diet plan

Your workout is of no use if you’re not consuming enough nutrients to support your body. Build a solid diet plan or borrow someone else’s — then follow it at all costs. Water is essential as we all know when it comes to exercising. Staying hydrated helps your overall health and it is crucial for your body functions. Although sometimes, water from the tab can contain bacteria, for that reason many people prefer to use water filter systems to purify their drinking water.

10. Bicycle engine kit

Biking can also be seen as a great form of exercising that helps you stay healthy and fit at college. To add an adventurous feeling to it, you can consider switching from a traditional bicycle to a gas-powered bicycle, all you will need for this is a bicycle engine kit.

11. Consistency

Consistency isn’t a physical supply — but I’m going to leave it here anyway because it’s the most important part of great workouts. No matter how hard you train, you won’t get anywhere if you’re not consistent with your workouts.

The bottom line

Your college days are the best time to start working out as you’re at your peak strength at this stage. Get the above-mentioned workout supplies and rest assured your exercise sessions will become a whole lot easier for you.