10 Most Prestigious Mau Binh Playing Fields

Currently,  New88today is the leading reputable game portal in Vietnam. With many promotions and extremely hot events. Besides, there is a whole game world for players to freely choose from. Besides, the reputation of  New88 is indisputable. So today  New88 will introduce to you the 10 most reputable game portal providing the Mau binh card game. Let’s  New88 Let’s find out.

What is the Mau binh card game?

To explain what the card game Mau binh is, first you need to define that this game is a reward card game known in Vietnam as 3-card scratch card, the rules of online Mau binh have some changes compared to similar to traditional games, but in general the rules of this game are not too complicated.

To start the game, each player will be dealt 3 cards from a deck of 52 cards (not counting 2 jokers). For the traditional Mau binh game, there are no specific regulations on the number of players, as long as the number is The number of cards is enough to be divided among the players’ current hands.

For the online Mau binh game, some game portal have specific regulations on the number of players to ensure that a bet does not last too long. Depending on each house, the number of players specified will be different.

In the Mau binh card game, 10 cards and picture cards will count for 0 points. In the online Mau binh game, cards will usually be divided into 2 doors: Player and Banker.

The player can choose to bet on any of the 2 doors. The Dealer will deal a minimum of 3 cards to each player. The player will choose which position they want to bet on, then close the bet in about 5 – 10 seconds. After the select time ends, the Dealer will conduct a review. You will win if the door you bet on has a high total score.

Rules for playing the card game Mau binh

To start playing Mau binh, we need to understand how to play Mau binh, below are detailed instructions on the rules in this game:

select rules

Each bet in the Mau binh game will include 3 main doors:

  • Banker: game portal
  • Player: Player
  • Tie: Tie

Normally, the payout rate on Tie bet will be higher because the rate of this bet appearing is very low. In addition, each different house can add additional bets to increase the attractiveness of the game.

Rules for dealing Mau binh

To start the game, the Dealer will deal the cards after the players have finalized their bets. In a game, two decks of cards will be used, one set dealt to the Bank and the other set dealt to the Player. Out of a total of 3 cards dealt, 2 cards will be automatically flipped, the used cards will be folded and put aside after each hand.

In the next hand, the Dealer will continue to deal the player 3 cards from the new deck.

Rules for drawing a third card

Depending on the score of the first 2 cards, the player will decide to keep or draw more. Normally there will be 3 cases of drawing a third card, specifically as follows:

Natural win

If the sum of the first 2 cards of one of the 2 doors is 8 or 9, then that hand will automatically win the bet, no need to draw a third card. In this case, whichever side wins will be called a natural winner.

Player cards 4.3.3

In case the total score of the first 2 cards is 6 or 7, the player does not need to draw a third card. Conversely, if the total score is lower than the above level, the player needs to draw one more card.
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Banker’s card

If the first 2 cards have a total of 7, you can stop and do not need to draw more. If the total score is lower, or just under 2, you can draw 1 more card.

If the player has a total score of 6 or 7 and decides not to draw anymore, the dealer will have to draw more cards if the score is lower. In addition to these 3 cases, all remaining cases will be considered based on the third card drawn by the Player.

Top 10 game portal providing the most reputable Mau binh card game

The Mau binh card game has a fairly simple way to play. With just a few times of playing, you can grasp the rules of this game. It can be said that this is a card game with simple rules and few technical terms. best compared to the remaining card game genres.

To play card games with high winning rates, you should research and choose a reputable and transparent playground to play the game. For those of you who have no experience in this game, the suggestions for reputable game portal below will help you find a reputable playing field.

Galaxy  New88 

 New88 is a name that is no longer strange among players who are passionate about the Mau binh card game genre. Galaxy  New88 offers players a transparent playing field, a large number of players and quite attractive select odds.

With a beautiful interface and scientific navigation design, players can easily operate when participating in the Mau binh game.

game portal Galaxy  New88 is known for its extremely thoughtful customer care. For inexperienced players, Galaxy  New88 will guide and answer each question quickly with a team of experienced consultants. strong experience.

Regarding safety and security,  New88 ensures that players’ personal information is kept absolutely confidential, with no information stolen by hackers or third parties, so if you are looking for If you are a reputable Mau binh playground, Galaxy  New88 is a name you cannot ignore.


1xBet is a game portal that offers players a variety of famous online select games in the world, with a variety of online game portal games, notably the card game Mau binh.

1xBet’s reputation and professionalism are proven through the awards this house has received such as: International Gaming Awards, SBC Awards, Global Gaming Awards,…

With 10 years of experience operating in the online select playground, 1xBet clearly understands the needs of players, thereby providing a playground full of the most popular game genres on the market.


K9Win is an online select playground that attracts many players, and is currently a highly rated game portal in the current online select market in Asia.

With the Mau binh game, K9Win impresses players thanks to its diverse styles and attractive winning rates. At K9Win playground, players can choose from many styles to play Mau binh such as:

  • Super98 Mau binh
  • Fabulous 4 Mau binh
  • Mau binh – Open a corner of the card
  • Mau binh Luck

With diverse and attractive Mau binh game genres, K9Win is the playground that you can choose to start playing Mau binh games.


M88 is certainly no longer a strange name for players who are passionate about select card games, online card games, etc. This house is highly appreciated for its reputation, thanks to its licensed operations. , under the control of the international online game control center.

With more than 10 years of operating experience, M88 brings players the Mau binh game genre with attractive competitive rates. For players who are still wondering which playground to choose to start entertaining with the Mau binh card game genre, M88 will be a suggestion not to be missed.


game portal 365bet has been present in the Vietnamese market since 2017. Although it has not been in operation for long, this game portal still has a large number of players, thanks to its transparency and diverse and attractive playing field.

With the Mau binh card game genre, 365bet invests quite carefully in this category, so when mentioning the Mau binh card game genre, players will immediately think of the 22Bet playground.


Gi8 is also one of the oldest online select playgrounds, with attractive and outstanding winning rates in the market.

With the orientation of becoming a reputable and safe game portal for all players, Gi8 constantly improves the information security system, ensuring that players’ personal information is carefully stored.

For the Mau binh card game category, members will be free to choose when there are hundreds of different game rooms, meeting the entertainment needs of thousands of players at the same time.

Live game portal House

Live game portal House is considered a reputable game portal in the online select market in Asia with a series of famous game portal games.

Thanks to attractive odds, Live game portal House gives players extremely valuable moments of entertainment. If you are looking for a select playground with high winning rates, Live game portal House will be a quite suitable choice. physical.


HappiStar provides players with the Mau binh card game genre with an eye-catching interface. Although not diverse in game genres, if you are only interested in card games, this playground will be an option not to be missed.

 New88 brings players exciting Mau binh games with hot Dealers, giving players an unforgettable experience.


CMD368 is a quite famous online select playground in the Vietnamese market with diverse categories of online card games.

The Mau binh category at CMD368 is carefully selected, provided by leading developers in the world, so players can experience extremely professional Mau binh games here.


DewaBet is a game portal that gives players a fairly new choice of online card games, thanks to constantly updating attractive game genres.

Particularly with the card game Mau binh, players can experience a competitive playground with a large number of players, thereby being able to practice and learn a lot of experience playing the Mau binh game.


Above is an article shared by New88 About the 10 most prestigious Mau binh playgrounds. Everything we share has been researched very carefully. Hope it will help you in the most necessary situation. See you again in the following articles.