10 Free Image Background Remover Review-Which One Worth Trying in 2022?


The users of photo editing tools will remove image background by using free Image background removers. One of them is the ability to edit photos to exclude unwanted subjects. Another job is to separate a part of an image for later use. However, depending on the picture and your level of expertise with photo editors, cropping off the background can be a challenging task. If you don’t have time to study picture editing but still need to remove the background from your images, you can choose from several useful tools.

10 Free Image Background Remover Tools of 2022

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 free image background remover tools for those of you who fall into this category. These free image background removers can be accessed using any Android or iOS device or web browser. Let us dig deeper into the details.

  • FocoClipping
  • TouchReTouch
  • Remove.bg
  • Apowersoft Background Eraser
  • Background Eraser HandyCloset
  • Background Eraser Superimpose
  • Background Eraser – Kite Games Studio
  • Ultimate Background Eraser
  • PicWish
  • Pixelmator

1)   FocoClipping

FocoClipping image background remover is an really user-friendly transparent background maker. When it comes to clearing the backgrounds in the year 2022, this tool has been found as the best and quickest. This background eraser is great for erasing the bg of multiple images at once. In addition to being highly recommended, the total quality is so high that it is practically required. You can get everything you need to edit your images with a transparent background right here.

FocoClipping is the best tool as a free image background remover from any image within three seconds. FocoClipping streamlines the process considerably. Those distinguishing features help it stand out from the rest. You can use this to make your digital process more efficient. If you, do it the right way, you can make money off of whatever you put out there. That’s why this very simple tool does the job for you right away by making everything super easy.

Special Feature: Bulk Background Remover

FocoClipping Bulk Background Remover is an excellent option. Removing background in bulk can be done with a single mouse click. It will be necessary for you to upload a large number of pictures simultaneously. In addition, you can save yourself time by downloading every single image at once.


· Workflow productivity

As a bonus, you can enjoy the process of uploading photographs by eliminating their backgrounds simultaneously. The time spent waiting for the unprocessed pictures can be used to edit the images that have been removed, which speeds up the process significantly.

· Agile and expert tool

You may use it to batch process up to 30 photographs at once, removing backgrounds from each one. Stress-free elimination of routine tasks and lengthy procedures is guaranteed.

· High-efficiency bulk editing

FocoClipping mass-editing capabilities for cropping and adding backgrounds help eliminate everyday tasks. And if you want to do more extensive editing to your images, you can use our expert editor. In addition, we offer various cropping options for popular online marketplaces such as eBay, Alibaba, eBay, Shopify, AliExpress, and more. It only takes one mouse click to acquire the perfect image for your online store’s products.

How to use Guide

  1. Just go to “Bulk Background Remover”, click the button “upload images” button.
  2. Next step is the selection of images of your choice from your device. You can select up to 30 images at once.
  3. Then you can select transparent or white background option. You can also crop the images and set subject sizes from the left side buttons.
  4. Then you can select images one by one and set the background, trim the size of image and other desired changes. You can also add color of your choice.
  5. Then download all of the edited images with a single click. You can see there are 9 pictures, so it needs 9 credits only. Downloaded pictures are automatically organized by file size and background color into separate folders.

Note: (credits just needed to download images when using bulk option OR when downloading High-Quality results)

2) TouchReTouch

TouchRetouch is an app that can be downloaded on any smartphone, including the iPhone and Android, and it can be used to remove the image’s background. It’s great for fixing up images and does a good background of eliminating images. This background remover allows you to get rid of everything from the frame, even the background, to get the ideal shot. It also allows you to get rid of electricity cables and other obstacles. Remember that you can swap out one background with another that you already have in your library to cut down on repetition.

3) Remove.bg

With only one click, you can remove the background of any image on this site. When using Remove.bg, the user just has to submit the picture from which they want to remove the background, and the background remover will do the rest. You can begin editing your best images by eliminating the backgrounds in a matter of seconds. It should be noted, however, that this feature can only be used to remove images including a human face. Keep in mind that the development team has previously informed consumers that the inability to remove backgrounds from images without people in them is just temporary.

4) Apowersoft Background Eraser

Apowersoft Background Eraser is a very intuitive background removal tool for iOS, Android, and Windows. Using this background eraser, you can quickly and easily crop off an image’s background with a single touch. You can quickly and easily obtain a perfect cutout of any object by uploading a picture.

The sophisticated AI makes it much simpler to remove the background, especially in the area surrounding the hair. It works well in ragged creases. Further, this background remover lets its users quickly crop off the backgrounds of many images all at once. In addition, this tool’s current capabilities allow you to immediately alter the background, de-blur faces and remove unnecessary elements.

5) Background Eraser HandyCloset

This background remover with the same name as the next one but is created differently. It is a background eraser designed just for Android phones, much like the best android games are designed specifically for android devices. To use it, just remove the text or image you want to get rid of and use the erase button. To get rid of the background, it will then erase all the nearby identical pixels once you’ve made your selection

Additionally, the background remover includes a set of markers that can be used to manually remove the image’s background, allowing for even more pinpoint accuracy. Then, you can utilize the picture in any context thanks to the fact that it has no background when you export it. Get it from the Google Play store!

6) Background Eraser Superimpose

This is a background remover that can be used to remove unwanted content by touching the area you want to delete. Its accuracy is further enhanced by the Target option, which can be used to remove objects with colors that are visually close to the background. Additional features include the ability to modify the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your images. An alternative background can be used in place of the one that was removed. Superimpose Background Eraser is exclusive to the iPhone.

7) Background Eraser – Kite Games Studio

Apps that remove an image’s background are few, but here’s a good one: Background Eraser by Kite Games Studio. This software is very user-friendly and straightforward. To remove anything, just highlight it and click the delete button. Remove the background from any photo, fix flaws, and crop out logos on bottles of water with this handy software. You can undo your changes to restore the picture to its original condition or redo them to make new edits. After finalizing an image in editing, you can save it as a PNG or JPG file.

8) Ultimate Background Eraser

The ultimate background eraser tool offers one-click automated deletion but also provides the option to delete items manually. The backgrounds can be retrieved if they are required once again. Additionally, you can export your images as PNGs or JPGs from the app.

9) PicWish

Another good suggestion is the PicWish tool. This AI background removing tool introduced in early 2022 that demonstrates how far the background has come in producing such tools. When compared to other applications, the precision will not lose.

In only a few seconds, PicWish can automatically remove the unwanted background from any image using Al. Furthermore, up to 30 images can have their backgrounds removed simultaneously. And if you don’t like them, just swap them out with a premade version from the app itself. Simply load in a picture, and the tool will handle the rest. If you are a retailer or run a small company, you should not pass up PicWish. To standardize the sizes of product photos across all e-commerce platforms.

10)  Pixelmator

Pixelmator is another choice among picture editors that can help you remove the image’s background like TouchRetouch. It’s also a wonderful substitute for Photoshop. Those who need to remove an image’s background will find that Pixelmator’s advanced features are highly useful. A brush can be used to sweep away anything that doesn’t remove.

It also has a cloning tool, which can be used to clone a specific section of an image or other element and paste it elsewhere. Pixelmator is an exclusive app for Apple’s Mac and iPhone platforms. Getting back to the Android tool, we have Ultimate Background Eraser. Despite its very pretentious moniker, this tool is excellent for blurring out the background of your images.


This post has provided suggestions for the most effective means to change the image background with ease. You can give each a try on your device or desktop and keep the one that works best for you. But according to my trial, I have found the FocoClipping the best option for wonderful background-removing experience. In only three seconds, the FocoClipping tool will help you remove the background from any picture. You can give it a try and get support from their technical support team if you run into any issues.

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