10 Best PCB Assembly Manufacturers in the World

In the rapidly evolving electronics industry, the demand for high-quality Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly services is at an all-time high. PCBs are the backbone of electronic devices, providing the necessary electrical connections between components. 

 This article highlights the 10 best PCB assembly manufacturers in the world, taking into consideration their quality of service, reliability, technological innovation, and customer feedback. 

Whether you are a startup, a small electronics manufacturer, or a large corporation, this list will guide you in choosing the right PCB assembly partner for your projects.

1. PCBPit

PCBPit stands out in the PCB assembly industry for its commitment to quality, speed, and customer satisfaction. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, they offer a wide range of PCB assembly services, from prototype to large-scale production. Their team of experts ensures that each project meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency.


  • High-quality PCB assembly with stringent quality control measures.
  • Fast turnaround times, ideal for time-sensitive projects.
  • Competitive pricing structure, offering great value for services.


  • Limited to specific regions, which may affect shipping times and costs for some customers.
  • May not cater to very niche or specialized SMT assembly needs due to their broad focus.

2. Advanced Circuits

Known for its exceptional customer service and technological innovation, Advanced Circuits is a leading PCB manufacturer in the USA. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, including PCB fabrication, assembly, and testing, catering to a wide range of industries.


  • Offers a one-stop solution for PCB fabrication and assembly.
  • No minimum order requirement, perfect for prototypes and small batches.
  • 24/7 customer support and online design tools.


  • Higher cost compared to some international manufacturers.
  • Longer lead times for complex or high-volume orders.


JLCPCB is renowned for its affordability and efficiency, making it a favorite among hobbyists and small businesses. They provide rapid PCB prototyping services and have a user-friendly platform for easy order placement and tracking.


  • Extremely competitive pricing, especially for prototype orders.
  • Quick turnaround with options for expedited shipping.
  • User-friendly website and ordering process.


  • Quality can vary for more complex PCB assembly requirements.
  • Limited customer support options.

4. Seeed Studio

Seeed Studio offers PCB assembly services with a focus on innovation and community collaboration. They support open-source projects and provide a platform for makers to share and commercialize their creations.


  • Strong support for open-source projects and maker community.
  • Offers both small-batch and mass production services.
  • Comprehensive service including component sourcing and functional testing.


  • Lead times can be longer due to the collaborative nature of projects.
  • Pricing may be higher for custom or complex projects.

5. PCBWay

PCBWay is well-regarded for its custom PCB assembly services, catering to a wide range of project sizes and complexities. They offer a quick quote system and professional support throughout the PCB assembly process.


  • Provides highly customizable PCB assembly options.
  • Responsive customer service and technical support.
  • Offers additional services like PCB design and layout.


  • International shipping costs and times can be a concern for some clients.
  • Some users report variability in the quality of complex assemblies.

6. Bittele Electronics

Bittele Electronics specializes in turnkey PCB assembly services, handling everything from component sourcing to final assembly. They are known for their focus on high-quality manufacturing and customer-centric approach.


  • Offers a complete turnkey solution, reducing project complexity.
  • Excellent quality control and assurance measures.
  • Competitive pricing for turnkey projects.


  • Minimum order quantities may apply for certain services.
  • Lead times may vary based on component availability.

7. MOKO Technology

MOKO Technology has established itself as a leader in PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing services, offering solutions for IoT devices, wearables, and smart home products.


  • Specializes in cutting-edge technologies and IoT products.
  • Comprehensive services including design, assembly, and testing.
  • Strong commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.


  • May be more expensive for traditional PCB assembly projects.
  • Niche focus may not suit all types of electronic manufacturing needs.

8. Sierra Circuits

Sierra Circuits is a Silicon Valley-based PCB manufacturer known for its high-tech capabilities and quick turn services. They cater to high-end markets, including aerospace, medical, and defense industries.


  • High precision and quality, suitable for demanding industries.
  • Offers advanced PCB technologies, including HDI and flex PCBs.
  • Excellent project support and engineering services.


  • Premium pricing reflecting the high-end market focus.
  • Not the best fit for small-scale or hobbyist projects.

9. Sunstone Circuits

Sunstone Circuits offers reliable PCB assembly services with a focus on quality and customer service. They provide a variety of PCB fabrication options to meet different project requirements.


  • High-quality fabrication and assembly services.
  • Strong customer service with a personal touch.
  • Offers PCB design software and tools.


  • Pricing can be higher compared to competitors.
  • Limited to fabrication and assembly, may require external services for complete project management.

10. Eurocircuits

Based in Europe, Eurocircuits offers specialized PCB assembly services for prototypes and small to medium series. They are known for their high-quality standards and efficient online ordering system.


  • Ideal for European customers, reducing shipping times and costs.
  • Focus on prototypes and small to medium production runs.
  • Offers extensive online tools for PCB checking and ordering.


  • May not be the most cost-effective option for large volume orders.
  • Limited global reach compared to some other manufacturers on the list.


Choosing the right PCB assembly manufacturer is crucial for the success of your electronic projects. Each of the manufacturers listed above has its unique strengths and weaknesses, catering to different needs and requirements. 

Whether you prioritize cost, quality, turnaround time, or technological innovation, this guide provides a comprehensive overview to help you make an informed decision.