10 Best AI Cooking Tools in 2024

Regarding personal growth, knowing how to cook is one of the best skills people can cultivate. While personally written family cookbooks have been a staple of households in the past, they slowly fade away from existence. Thus, people have to rely on online helpers and apps to up their culinary skills and learn how to make things from what they have in the fridge.

Self-learning and signing up for online classes can only take them so far. Luckily, there are many apps that are based on AI available for free and for a price. These solutions let individuals learn the art of cooking, provide suggestions on meals based on the content of their fridges, and even how to invent new recipes with mundane ingredients.


With the help of this Android and iOS app, people simplify their cooking journey and find recipes they haven’t considered before. ClipDish uses artificial intelligence to make the process of making dishes more organized and productive. Its “Ask Chef” feature allows people to to get answers about ingredient substitution and cooking techniques.

ClipDish stores the best recipes people find on apps and websites with unlimited storage. On the iOS platform, the app has integration with Apple Reminders, letting users to seamlessly build grocery lists, depending on the meals they wish to enjoy. ClipDish offers a distraction-free interface that displays the ingredients and instructions.

The AI-enhanced app also offers cross-device synchronization, meaning people get access to their favorite recipes wherever they might be cooking that day. ClipDish users are free to browse the thousands of dishes in its database, letting people explore new techniques, flavors, and kitchen hacks.


This product is a perfect choice for people who base their meals on specific dates such as gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and keto. The platform offers AI-generated recipes according to these parameters and the type of cuisine a person wishes to make. The results can be sorted by likes or by their novelty.

What’s even cooler is that all recipes are made with generated photos of proposed meals people save for later use. Each recipe comes with the number of ingredients and the steps required to prepare it. Users can enter the number of people they’ll be making the dishes for, with the algorithm calculating the right amount of components.


This recipe generator boasts some of the most advanced deep learning capabilities and algorithms. These features allow the platform to generate unique recipes according to personal preferences and available ingredients. DishGen is especially suitable for people with allergies and dietary restrictions, making their meals more interesting.

The platform’s robust AI capabilities allow it to suggest ingredient substitutions. For example, if a person doesn’t have regular butter or wishes to experiment with different flavors, DishGen provides alternatives that won’t affect the dishe’s taste. With its help, people are more free to experiment in the kitchen without fearing that they’ll mess up the recipes.


When it comes to making a dinner from scratch, not everybody has the time or the energy to make one every day. But, finding the right place to eat can be challenging, which is why people often turn to FindAMeal. Thanks to the power of AI, this solution helps people find the most suitable local food places and restaurants.

To get the right suggestions, users must enter their preferences and current cravings. The AI-based search feature will analyze this information and provide the most suitable places among the local pizza parlors, and cafes with a view. FindAMeal uses data from Foursquare, Google, and Yelp, ensuring the right people go to the right places.

Meals Chat

Individuals who need to stay on a diet know how hard it is to keep track of every meal and snack they take during the day. Meals Chat offers a robust alternative to pen & paper notebooks. With its help, people have an easier time maintaining, losing, and gaining weight. All it needs is a photo of a food or a drink via a smartphone camera.

Afterward, Meals Chat’s powerful AI algorithms analyze the snapshots and identify the ingredients and calories of the meal. This approach saves users time and effort on maintaining their diet and makes the process more accurate. The application allows people to set goals and calorie intake, based on their age, height and weight.


Many people call this app the Duolingo of culinary education. Instead of teaching students complicated cooking expertise in extensive courses, Parsnip breaks down the process into small lessons people take every day. It’s possible to focus on the dishes of interest and discard those you aren’t interested in at the time.

This microlearning approach allows users to study the art of cooking whenever and wherever they please. Parsnip has over 50 difficulty levels across six categories: equipment, ingredients, prepping, shopping, and techniques. The iOS and Android app uses AI to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of individual future chefs, making their learning journey more tailored.


People who can’t decide what to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner turn to RecipeEase for advice. The iOS application uses modern AI technology to create personalized recipes based on what people can work with. RecipeEase is equally effective whether you wish to save online recipes or get personalized ones.

The app has a new “Enter Recipe” feature that allows taking recipes from different sources and adding them to the collection. RecipeEase makes delicious suggestions of dishes people have already checked out. With its help, users create a unique recipe collection. This solution is available for free, but has in-app purchases.


This platform allows people to quickly find the right recipes based on the ingredients they have at home. SuperCook offers many settings and multilingual support, making selection easy and straightforward. It’s possible to set the main ingredient, the type of meal, type of cuisine, and other parameters.

The powerful AI algorithms of this application produce results within seconds, letting people experiment with different settings. Each recipe shows nutrition facts, including protein, cholesterol, fat, and calories. It also includes the number of ingredients and provides access to the original recipe.


Perhaps one of the more innovative platforms people can check out allows them to turn cooking videos into easy-to-follow recipes with step-by-step instructions. Finally, there’s no more need to listen to someone’s entire family history before they get to a point and actually describe the recipe itself. No more rewinding and trying to write down the recipes by hand.

In essence, a person only needs to paste a URL of a cooking video and the AI technology will turn it into a comprehensive recipe. These can be shared, downloaded, and printed. The only downside is that the free use of Video2Recipe is limited to 3 recipes per month. However, its payment plans cost only $9 and $29, making it more than affordable for regular use.


This platform is a great solution for people who wait to cook until the last moment. YouGotCooking’s goal is to make mealtime less monotonous and minimize food waste. It does this by learning about the ingredients at a person’s disposal and offering recipes based on this information. It uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 model to process input information and provide recipes.

The app works best with requests in English, but also supports other languages. YouGotCooking offers direct and easy-to-follow free instructions for people in a rush. Of course, people can also tip the platform’s creators for their work. There’s also a limit on daily requests to ensure fair access to its features.


Discovering and enjoying new recipes or putting a new spin on old classics is one of the greatest joys in life. We hope that these platforms and apps will help people improve their culinary skills or if they feel like taking a break from the heat of the kitchen, aid them in finding a perfect takeout place or a restaurant.